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PAPAYA! Living is the luxe, boho, flagship boutique located in beautiful, downtown Ashland, Oregon.  Featuring over 4,000 sq feet of signature PAPAYA! brand collections, layers of textiles, beauty lines, fine clothing, rare finds, collectible jewelry, decor, and more.  The result is a cornucopia of inspired living.


PAPAYA! Living opened to celebrate the City of Ashland and bring a dynamic shopping experience to the local community.  With the unique perspective and experience of local artist and co-founders, Anahata & Gina Katkin, a mother daughter creative team.  PAPAYA! has been operating since 2003 selling heart-centered, artwork, and products to retailers all over the globe.  PAPAYA! Living is a unique expression of the brand in the artist’s own voice.

Co-Owner Anahata says:

‘Being an artist for PAPAYA! people always ask: “What’s your inspiration?” And now with our boutique I get to show people not only what inspires my artwork but also what feeds me as an artist.  

The store is a place to be inspired, enveloped, and indulged in.  A space to simply enjoy.  My Mother and I have always followed our passions in life.  We chase what inspires us.  It’s never been about “business”.  It’s about living with a creative purpose.  PAPAYA! Living serves as an atmosphere of positive permission.  Permission to feel beautiful and have beauty in your life!  It’s a joy & honor to have a place for us to explore with our own collections and the works of many other designers.  And... we get to share it with others in our community.  Nothing could be finer.  We love what we do!’

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Meet our Manager

Zoe Samczyk has been with PAPAYA! Living since it's beginning.

Zoe continues to feed the atmosphere with her understanding of design, her love of the boutique, and special care of our staff.

She is our acting manager and creates much of the spark in the daily flow at PAPAYA! Living.